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10 Reasons why you need a Workers Compensation Attorney

Injuries at work happen. While no one intends to get injured while at work, employees can suffer serious injuries that prevent them from performing their regular duties.  Some injuries are more serious than others, and some injuries are more painful than others. Regardless of how serious the injury is, knowing your rights under the law and how to protect them is vital to all work-related injuries.

Some employers are hesitant to allow workers to file claims of work-related injuries, and the insurance companies themselves are often loath to pay out on a claim. In some cases, the insurance company will dispatch an adjuster to the injured party with complicated forms and may make great promises to entice the injured employee to sign.  This is where the trouble begins. Always consult with a worker’s compensation attorney before signing anything. Here are ten good reasons why it is a good idea:

  1.  Medical benefits – Insurance companies do not like to pay physicians, emergency rooms, chiropractors and even necessary medications for you.  The less the company has to pay out, the higher their profits. Despite this, it is the responsibility of the employer’s insurance company to pay the medical expenses associated with a work-related injury.
  2. Insurance appointed nurses – Many companies employ case management nurses to assist with your case.  They may ask to attend physician appointments.  This is dangerously close to a HIPPA violation, and it is something that you have the right to decline.
  3. It didn’t happen – Not all injuries are physical. Insurance companies often contest work-related injuries. Their goal in stalling is to prevent payment of a claim or to force you to give up.
  4. WC claims never expire – A workers’ compensation claim lasts forever unless you settle the claim. They will never tell you this voluntarily and many people don’t know that they can continue to get benefits long after the initial claim has been opened.
  5. “Pre-existing” condition – This is the catch all for denying claims. The insurance company and their physicians may try to argue that there is no new injury. Your WC attorney can help you through this.
  6. No workers compensation insurance – If your employer does not carry WC insurance, not only is it a violation of the law in Connecticut, but you may be responsible for the medical bills, lost wages and more.
  7. No returned calls – The old saying about “Ignore it; it will go away.” applies in the insurance business.  Companies and adjusters may ignore you and your phone calls, but an having an attorney will get their attention.

These ten reasons should be enough to help you understand the importance of a workers compensation attorney.  The best rule of thumb in the case of an injury is two-fold:  1) sign nothing until you speak with an attorney, and 2) write down everything that happens from the injury until the claim is paid.


The more information you have at your side, the better your chances of winning. If you have any questions, call our workers compensation attorneys in connecticut today at (860) 900-0900.