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How Tenants May Deal with Challenging Landlords

Recently we discussed the case of the challenging tenant and gave discussed how landlords can deal with this type of situation. The flipside of course, is the less than desirable landlord. Although challenging landlords may be fewer than challenging tenants, dealing with the former is no easier than dealing with the latter. In fact, overly […]

Civil Union in CT

A ‘civil union’ is a term used in the law referring to a legal relationship or ‘union’ between two people of the same sex. A civil union has the rights and responsibilities of a marriage but does not receive federal benefits and may vary in how other states treat the union. In the state of […]

Vehicle Searches in Connecticut

Traffic infractions are among the most common infractions committed by citizens in the State of Connecticut and elsewhere the country. Relatedly, citizens frequently run into issues with the law as a consequence of evidence obtained in the course of a traffic stop. The typical scenario involves the following facts: a motorist is stopped for a […]

Things to Consider When Injured by a Defective Product

If you have suffered an injury because of a product you have used, there are several factors to consider before bringing a product liability case. Typically, these types of personal injury claims fall under three main categories: (1) defective product, (2) defective design, and (3) failure to provide proper label warnings or instructions on the […]

Penalties and Costs of OUI in Connecticut

As we have previously overviewed the basic OUI/DUI law in Connecticut in our blog post, “An Introduction to OUI Law in Connecticut”, this article will dive a little deeper into the penalties and costs of first time and second time OUI convictions. If you have not read our previous introduction into OUI law in CT, […]

How to Deal with a Challenging Tenant in Connecticut

It’s something that every landlord has stressed about: tenants who end up creating enormous stress through nonpayment, noise violations, property damage, or some combination of these things. In fact, stories of less-than-perfect tenants can sometimes be so harsh that would-be landlords are often deterred from even getting started as rental owners. Some level of trepidation […]

Security Deposits in Connecticut

Connecticut General Statutes Section 47a-1 through 74 governs the complex interactions and exchanges between landlords and tenants. One facet of the landlord-tenant relationship is security deposits. Nearly all landlords require a security deposit of some amount from tenants who occupy a rental unit. In this post, we will discuss some of the essential points of […]

Evicting a Tenant in Connecticut

Evicting a tenant is no small matter. An eviction can be among the more stressful experiences a person can experience, both for tenants and landlords. For tenants, an eviction can damage credit and impede the ability to obtain a new rental unit in the future. For landlords, the eviction process can be mentally draining and […]