Common Myths about Lawyers, Debunked

Do you think all lawyers are rich and snobby, or that they are dishonest? Perhaps you think lawyers know all the secrets to getting you out of any kind of trouble. There are a lot of different myths and misconceptions about lawyers that people commonly hold. Below are a few popular lawyer myths, and the truths behind them.

Myth #1

Lawyers are all rich and snobby –

FALSE!! Many lawyers are kind and generous, and often pour many hours into cases that they won’t get paid for. The managing partners at our firm are Veterans of the Navy and US Army and they work very hard to help anyone who walks in our door. Make no mistake, we all need to earn a living, but we work very hard to price our services competitively.

Myth #2

Public defenders are not as good as “real” lawyers –

FALSE! Public defenders ARE real lawyers. They are also people who care about their clients. They work very hard and are often faced with very challenging cases. Our criminal defense attorneys educate our clients on their options and make legally sound recommendations about how best to proceed. It is important to us to provide solid legal counsel so our clients make the best decisions. Public defenders can do all of these things as well.

Myth #3

Lawyers are liars –

FALSE! While people in general tend to lie, and lawyers are people, there may be lawyers out there who lie! The fact is, there are two sides to every story, and our job as lawyers is to find our client’s side of the story and advocate for them as best we can. Does that make most lawyers liars? No, but we can only be as honest as our clients allow us to be. It is crucial to give the whole truth to your attorney so they can be fully prepared to handle whatever may come up.

Myth #4

Lawyers don’t care about their clients, only about their cases –

FALSE! We tell every single client who has sustained a personal injury that the most important thing for them to do is GET BETTER. Follow doctor’s orders. Let us worry about all the legal stuff, which takes the burden off of our clients so they can get well! It is devastating to us to see our clients reach the end of their treatment and still be in pain, or still not fully understand what is wrong. We have represented clients who have endured multiple surgeries for the same injury because the doctor didn’t fix the whole problem! This is very troubling to us because we share our client’s pain and frustration.

Myth #5

Lawyers can get you out of trouble with the police –

FALSE!  If you commit a crime, lawyers can’t stop law enforcement officers from doing what they are supposed to do. We can be there for you every step of the way through the process and help make it easier and less stressful for you.  We are qualified to guide you through the process and assist you with making very difficult choices and decisions. We are here to work with you through whatever charges you face, or whatever misconduct you have experienced in the custody of the police.

Don’t always believe what you hear. We really are here to help. We can’t stop bad things from happening, but we will do whatever we can to make you whole. One final bonus myth: all lawyers offer free consultations. FALSE! Many lawyers charge for their time, including consultations. The APEX Law Firm does not charge for consultations! We will always take the time to meet with you, listen to you, and do whatever we can to help. If you have had a bad experience with a lawyer in the past, we are truly sorry and hope that you will give our firm the opportunity to give you a new perspective like we have done for so many clients!

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