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Dog bite claims in Connecticut

Many of us that own pets consider our animals family members. However, in some instances animals (usually dogs) may lack proper training and in a heated moment could end up biting someone. Dog bites are very serious injuries and require immediate medical attention. This brings obvious pain and suffering to the bite victim and can be extremely embarrassing for the owner of the animal. Sadly these situations often result in the animal being put down. It must be understood that if the dog’s behavior is absolutely too severe to be treated, the only options that remain are confinement or euthanasia.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, you may be unsure of which direction to turn. You may wonder if you did something to provoke the situation. You may be afraid to bring action because dog belongs to someone you know and the pet may be put down. Of course the owner will be upset over losing their pet, but you had to bear both physical and mental scars which take a long time to heal.

There are some facts that must be considered after you have evaluated your injuries and the incident if you are thinking of suing the owner of the dog for emotional and physical damages. The dog bite statute C.G.S. § 22-357 states that the owner or keeper of the dog is held liable if such an event occurs. Dog bites are ruled by strict liability, meaning the owner or keeper is liable regardless of whether or not he or she could have prevented the event. If you are bit, you have a substantial chance to receive compensation unless at the time you were: 1) teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog; or 2) trespassing or breaking another type of common law.

The Statute of Limitations is a set a deadline on filing an injury related lawsuit in the civil courts. In most cases in Connecticut, a person has two years to file a case in court unless they are in a coma or any other critical injury which prevents them from filing a claim. If you miss this deadline, there is a high chance that the court will dismiss your claim and prevent you from collecting a reward. We suggest that any injured individual seek the advice of an attorney to learn how the deadline applies to your particular case.

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