Facts about tractor-trailer accidents

So many legal entities advertise a specialty in Tractor Trailer or 18-Wheeler accidents.  There are a multitude of reasons why.  Oftentimes, you might not imagine the depth of investigation that goes into fully representing clients who have been the victim in an auto accident involving a tractor trailer.  Liability in these matters can be complex and through this article, we intend to show you some of the nuances involved in the investigation of these incidents.

Issues with the Driver

Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue is just what it seems, and is one of the greatest dangers in commercial trucking.  Federal Guidelines mandate the keeping of driver’s logs documenting rest and time behind the wheel of a semi trailer.  A more in depth investigation would have to probe into the driver’s life beyond the cab.  These investigations include witnesses, medical records and any other necessary information to resolve the issue.

Distracted Driving

The cab of the modern 18 wheeler is an office on wheels.  Many have computers and other electronics that can distract the driver from his primary focus.  The driver’s cell phone may also provide a distraction.  The investigation into whether or not a cell phone or other instrument was in use at the time of the accident.

Reckless Driving

No investigation would be complete without making sure the driver of the tractor trailer involved in the accident was operating the vehicle in a lawful manner.  Many rigs come equipped with a black box that contains information about the vehicle leading up to the accident.  The information included in the black box can be invaluable to your case when determining the cause and ultimate liability in an accident.

Issues with the Vehicle

Product defect

The tractor trailer in the accident could have had a manufacturing defect which could mean that the maker of the vehicle is at least partially at fault.  Brake defects are the most common in tractor trailer accidents. There could be a defect in some system of the vehicle or in something such as the tires, steering, trailer assembly, suspension or other part.  Investigations into these matters typically involve lawyers teaming with engineers or other experts in related fields.

Defective Repair

Businesses such as trucking companies are driven by profits and a rig that is off the road for repair is not making money.  Sometimes a defective repair can cause an accident or create a safety hazard.  An example of a defective repair would be repositioning a damaged bar rather than replacing and resetting the crash bar.  Many trucks on the roads today are in violation of some safety code and a thorough investigation would bring these issues to light.

Other Issues

There could be an issue with the configuration of the truck itself.  The load could be configured in a manner that is unstable, allowing the load to shift during transit and cause control of the vehicle to be lost. 

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The attorneys of the Upton firm are highly qualified and experienced in the investigation and trial in tractor trailer accident cases.  Our team goes beyond the ordinary issues to explore and exploit all options available to you our client.

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