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How Can Distracted Driving Accidents Be Prevented?

Distracted driving refers to any activity that takes attention away from driving, such as speaking to passengers in your car, texting or talking on your mobile phone, tinkering with the navigation system, stereo, or entertainment system, eating and drinking or any other activity that diverts attention away from driving safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that drivers who are distracted when driving and do not focus on the road are the primary cause of most accidents. These kinds of drivers not only injure themselves but are also a threat to passengers and other drivers on the road.

This danger is even greater in the case of teenagers. Of all the drivers, new teenage drivers have the highest rate of crash fatalities. They must develop safe driving habits that are free of distractions right from the beginning.

Distractions due to Technology

Today, vehicles come pre-loaded with various technologies meant to make the experience of driving a comfortable and pleasant one. These add-ons pose the hazard of distracting drivers from the most important aspect of being on the road-the actual driving.

Traveling has undoubtedly become much more convenient and enjoyable due to satellite radios, mobile phones, in-car DVD players, GPS systems, and much more. However, the use of these technologies as they were intended is vital.

It is crucial for the vehicle driver to refrain from using any of these devices when the vehicle is moving. In case their use is necessary, it should be done by a passenger in the car, or the driver should pull the car safely off the road and then operate the device.

Distractions by Passengers

Drivers working for organizations transporting other passengers, such as adults or kids with disabilities, are faced with another form of distraction. These drivers must receive specialized training to manage such distractions. It’s a wise idea to have a chaperone or assistant in the vehicle to handle passenger distractions. In all circumstances, the attention of the driver should always remain on the road.

In case passenger distractions are significant, the driver should pull over and handle the situation. The probability of a crash rises exponentially with every moment that the driver takes their attention away from driving.

Some suggestions to drive in a safer manner are as follows:

Use your mobile phone only in emergencies

Drivers should only use cell phones in exceptional situations when on the road. Even in such cases, the driver should pull over to the right shoulder to speak or text on the phone. Vital audio and visual cues, necessary to avoid an accident, can still be missed even when using hands-free devices.

Drivers should not engage in social conversations on their phones while on the road. In an increasing number of jurisdictions, doing so is against the law. A driver can get a ticket and be fined.

Pull over if you feel drowsy

The risk of an accident quadruples when the driver feels drowsy. According to a government study, 37 percent of drivers in the country have dozed off or actually slept at least one time since they started driving. In case you feel sleepy, pull off the road and sleep instead of trying to reach home at that time. You may never reach home if you don’t drive smart!

Restrict the number of passengers and activity level within the vehicle

In a majority of states, driver licensing regulations do not allow teenagers to drive with other teen passengers in the vehicle with them during their initial months of driving. It can create a hazardous driving environment if teen drivers travel with friends as novice drivers may focus on their friends, instead of the road.

Try not to eat while driving

Distracted driving should not be blamed on a busy lifestyle. While having breakfast in the car to school or work may seem like an excellent way to save time, it makes the driver focus less on the environment on the road. A significant cause of distraction is food spills.

Do not multi-task in a moving vehicle

People spend a significant amount of time in their cars. This makes it seem like a good idea to get small tasks done, such as speaking or texting friends or searching for music. But this is highly dangerous. Drivers should pay attention to the road as well as the other drivers around them. It’s logical to settle everything before commencing to drive.

Drive in a focused and safe manner

The objective of safe driving is to ensure that you and your passengers remain safe on the road. It has been shown in studies that individuals can only process a limited amount of information at any specific time. At times, people shift their focus back and forth to handle the various demands that occur when driving. Teenagers are much less experienced in driving, which can make distractions more deadly.

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