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How long does a Workers Compensation claim take?

Getting injured at work is never something anyone plans or wishes to happen, and chances are good that it will never happen to you.  However, if you are injured at work, there are certain responsibilities that you and your employer have. All employers in Connecticut must carry worker’s compensation insurance; it’s the law.  This insurance policy covers medical bills and lost wages while you recover. As the injured party, it is your responsibility to report the injury immediately and to get medical treatment as soon as possible.  Not doing so could jeopardize your claim for benefits.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money and are often reluctant to pay money out for any reason, including legitimate injuries.  This means a worker’s compensation claim can take considerable time to resolve.  Most insurance companies hire attorneys to forestall payments or have claimants settle for far less than deserved.  So, how long should a worker’s compensation claim take?

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer; the answer typically depends upon the injury.  Some claims can take a few weeks to resolve, while other claims can last for years.  Unless your injury is minimal and recovery is expected to be short, don’t assume your claim will resolve quickly.  In contrast, it is possible that an injury that appears to be minimal initially could cause persistent problems down the road.

Consider soft tissue and internal injuries: Such injuries can cause persistent pain and limited mobility for long periods of time.  Neck and back injuries are the most common, because there is no set diagnosis or hard evidence that can definitively prove an injury.  Pain and discomfort is not something that can be seen on an x-ray or CT scan.  Therefore, insurance companies often minimize these cases and contest payment for the medical bills and lost wages.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can often help expedite your claim by helping to get medical bills and lost wages paid.  After all, bills do not stop coming in because you are not working.  Never agree to sign anything from the insurance company or the employer.  Call one of our worker’s compensation attorneys in new britain as soon as possible.