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Innovation by Google raises aspirations for PI Claimants

Technology Giant Google has come out with a technology that can give an upper hand to applicants claiming for personal injury benefits.  Coined as Google Glass, it is a wearable computer with an optical head mounted display that displays information in a hands free format via smart phones. Wearers can communicate with the internet through voice commands using their natural voice.

It is sans doubt that Google will have a lot of takers for this product, which is yet to be made available for the public, but one business has already begun its usage in a novel way. Arizona based law firm Fennemore Craig has already spearheaded the usage of Google Glass in a contemporary way to convey clients evidence to judges, mediators, and jury. Code named Glass Action, the law firm which pioneered this process has equipped several personal injury clients and businessmen with this technology. One such client is Mr. Gary Verrazono * a double amputee who lost an arm and a leg in a work accident in 2012 and had filed an application for Personal Injury Benefits. The device helps him to stream his daily chores in the form of videos, which are streamed to his lawyers and also help him send a text, email, or even teleconference with his attorneys. The leverage does not stop here but moves further by helping the claimant and lawyers have access to case documents anytime and anywhere. It also gives the Jurors first hand information of the subtlety of the challenges faced in the daily life of the victim.

As Law Boards and Departments across the country are tightening their noose against fraudulent and dishonest claimants, a tenacious technology like this can give a boost to legitimate applicant’s claims. While private eyes and defendant attorneys are probing every social site to gather information on claimants to find evidence that can refute a fraudulent claim, a technology like this can surely breathe in oxygen for those deserving the P I benefits.

Although technology cannot win your case for you, it certainly can act as a catalyst to help in the claim process. One does need the helping hand of a competent lawyer whose proficiency and efficacy can determine the outcome of the claim and help the victim get a recovery. Contact our experience lawyers today for more information on how we can help you with your case.