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Issues Facing Today’s Military Veterans

Veterans and their families often face numerous problematic issues and find themselves in need of assistance upon exiting the service. The backlog of claims that stands between our Veterans and the benefits they deserve is an obstacle worthy of removal.Veterans are very important people, not only because they have fought for us and have returned home to face a life that is entirely different from the one they previously knew, but many veterans have come back forever changed by the remnants of the war that they were not able to leave behind.

What are the Issues?

Claims Backlog

Currently, there are over a million claims that have been backlogged by the VA.  When a Veteran submits a claim for benefits, the process can be very complicated and time consuming. For many, finding the right treatment, understanding the right benefits to apply for, and completing the complicated paperwork can be very challenging. Keeping up with the process becomes a daunting task.

Too often, claims are denied for avoidable reasons and the Veteran or family member is faced with appealing the rejected claim.  Veterans and their families should be educated about the benefits available and what is required in order to submit a valid claim that reduces the chance of being denied.  By submitting a qualified claim with all of the appropriate supporting evidence, the claim will get approved faster and thus lessen the backlog.

Ptsd and Trauma

Statistics show that one out of every three veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan now suffers from PTSD, TBI or a combination of the two. (Citation)  However, when they return home, many Veterans and their families do not receive the help that they need because they may not be aware that treatment is available or where to find it.

Speaking with a VA counselor, a VA accredited attorney, a Veteran’s agency such as the VFW, American Legion, or DAV, or even their own doctor, the veteran may learn about options and opportunities that exist to get the help needed.


The claims process can take several months or even years to complete during which Veterans often begin facing many hardships in the absence of much-needed assistance.  Homelessness is a horrible result of the overwhelming hardships that Veterans face.  Sadly, one-third of all the homeless in the United States are Veterans.

Despite some Veterans being powerful leaders in the military, many are faced with unsustainable financial hardships which lead them to living on the streets. Also, when Veterans are denied the right type of medical treatment, they may begin self-medicating with drugs and alcohol which many times leads to problems within the justice system where they are still not able to find the help that they and their families need.


Veterans who retire at a young age and are in good health can also face a struggle when they return to civilian life. With the unemployment rate for veterans nearly twice that of the national average, many are unable to compete with civilians who were afforded the opportunity to complete higher education.

While there are incentives for companies to hire Veterans and there are those companies that put a priority on finding Veterans to hire, this is one step in ensuring that Veterans receive the help that they need.


The system that the Veteran’s Administration uses to receive and approve claims may be in desperate need of review.  Veterans deserve the benefits that they are entitled to and more focus should be put on educating Veterans about the benefits available to them and their families.If you have questions about Veteran’s benefits or need assistance with filing a claim, call The APEX Law Firm and ask to speak with one of our VA Accredited Attorneys today!