Personal Injury: What to do in a car crash

No one wants to have a car crash or accident, but accidents do happen.  If you are in a car crash of any sort, here are a few things to remember.

1. Assess yourself for injuries – If your neck hurts or you cannot feel a part of your body, do not move unless staying put is more dangerous than moving.  Have someone alert emergency services, and try to stay calm.  The same applies for any passengers you may have in the car.

2. Take pictures – Most cell phones have cameras, so take as many pictures as you can.  Get every possible angle of the accident that you can safely do.  Time-stamp the pictures if possible. The more pictures you have the better.

3. Do not move the cars – Keep the cars where they are unless it is more dangerous to leave them where they are.  If the police recommend moving them, then and only then do so.

4. Take notes and get information – Get the name and tag of the other driver.  Note details like weather conditions, temperature, and any other information you may need including insurance information.  If you seek medical attention, note all the details: time you went, time you were seen, name of medical professional, diagnosis and any medications.

5. Keep all receipts – from all of your bills from the insurance company for repairs to any medications.  The more you have the better you will be in the long run.

Do not answer any questions or volunteer any information to the other party.  If you are probed for any information, simply respond you are waiting for the police and leave it there.  Walk away from the other party if necessary.  Keep taking notes, including how you were asked to speak and by whom.  The more information you volunteer, the more it can be used to deny your claim and bills.

Stay alert; watch the road and above all else, be safe while driving.