Personal Injury: Why you need an attorney

Filing a personal injury claim is not as simple as taking the other party to court. There are many legal rules and complex laws that govern a personal injury claim, so the services of an attorney are necessary. 

A personal injury is one that will significantly affect your physical well-being for a long time, often over a full year, or in the worst cases, permanently. How much is a debilitating injury worth is also complex, and an attorney can help make that decision with you.

All injury compensation is determined by the severity of the injuries. Severity is determined by medical bills, injury type and the recovery time. The longer and more severe, the more your compensation will be or may be. Included in your medical bills will be the other nebulous aspects of the injury, such as lost wages and other bills accrued. 

Insurance companies are hesitant to pay out any amount of money for personal injury, or they will be willing to settle outside of litigation, often for much less than you should be eligible for.  Before you sign anything – because signing means you have given up your rights to litigation – speak to an attorney.

A personal injury attorney will be experienced and skilled in this area and will know how to speak to insurance companies and their attorneys. Some attorneys take cases on a ‘contingency basis,’ meaning the attorney will cover all fees associated with the claim and will recoup his portion if you win. Many will be willing not to take any fees unless you win, which is a strong benefit in your favor.

Like any potential litigation, do not sign or volunteer information until you have spoken to an attorney.