Social Security Disability Claims Process

At first the process for getting approved for disability benefits can seem like an impossible task. Initially you face the realization that the Social Security Administration rejects 70% or more of initial claims. Then you realize that the burden is on you to provide evidence of your condition and the limitations caused by that condition that prevent you from working. These realizations are made all the more unbearable because you are suffering the most when you realize you have to get help.

The Disability Claims Process generally takes place in four stages; the Application, the Request for Rehearing, the Hearing on the Disability Claim and the Appeal.  Each will stage will be explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Application of Social Security Benefits

Application for Social Security benefits — Our Firm can file your initial application and tell you what to expect during the process of application and appeal.  At this initial stage only a small percentage of applications for benefits are approved.  If your case is approved within 6 months of the date you last were paid for a “Substantial Gainful Activity” (SGA – what Social Security considers full time work for pay) there is no fee from the Social Security Administration.

Request for Rehearing

Request for Reconsideration — If your initial claim is denied, our social Security attorneys will prepare and file a Request for Reconsideration. At that point, we will collect additional medical evidence to support your case. We can also consult you on communicating with your doctor, so important information gets included in your record.  In most instances it is beneficial to include a personal statement with your request, which we can provide help in constructing.

Disability Hearing

At the Disability Hearing, one of our social security attorneys will be at your side to represent you in this hearing.  These hearings, conducted by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) are typically done in person or via video linkage if the Social Security Office uses that technology.  Prior to this hearing, someone from our office will prepare you for the questions that you will be asked by the ALJ and other participants, present evidence supporting your cause and cross examine all witnesses. In most cases, applicants receive written notification of the judge’s decision four to eight weeks after the hearing.


If necessary, we can represent you in further appeals before administrative bodies or in federal court.  Our knowledgeable Social Security Attorneys have the experience and compassion to represent you each step of the way.

To summarize, the system of application and appeal of a Social Security case is a delicate issue, not everyone who applies is granted benefits.  It is our goal to make sure you have every opportunity to present all of the evidence to prove the necessity of benefits for you and or your loved ones.

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