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Social Security Disability

Unable to work? For reasons physical? Mental and emotional? Take heart. We are fortunate and blessed to live in a country that takes care of its own. Federal benefits are available to you, administered by the Social Security Administration. The good news is that there is a way for you to receive these benefits, and, that we at The APEX Law Firm are on the front lines and can help. Here are several thoughts on this issue.


You are obviously the best judge of your state of health and wellbeing. The key phrase use by the Administration is this: “substantially disabled from gainful employment”. Is that you? While you yourself obviously have some ideas on this, the key will be your relationship with medical providers and what they say. Under Social Security rules, it is not enough to present to the Administration with just your ideas. You will need medical support. Your doctors will need to be treating you for injuries or conditions that are of a serious enough nature to allow for them to say that you have lost your ability to work and have no work capacity. And this truly means, no work capacity. The Administration please understand, is not going to do your work for you. It will do the opposite. While it will grant benefits when deserved, it will deny benefits whenever it can, meaning whenever an applicant such as yourself has not closed the door on work capacity. It is YOUR job to establish that you cannot do any work, of any kind, anywhere.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys are completely familiar with the ways and means of the Administration and can and will work very closely with your medical team. We know that certain words and phrases are magic, and will convince the Administration that you are indeed what you say that you are. Aside from gathering together ALL of your records, we reach out to your medical team in special ways and have them complete various forms such as functional capacity evaluations, which when properly completed, leave no room for any doubt as to your disability status.


Definitely. The Administration places no restrictions on the type of injury or condition which you claim disables you. This means that mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, among others can qualify you. Usually, though, mental conditions do not travel alone and are most often seen as arising from some type of physical injury. Our team has successfully assisted numerous individuals who apply for benefits, with both physical and mental conditions.


If you feel that you qualify for benefits, your first job is to make application for benefits. You can do this online or at your local Administration office. A form will be provided. Simply complete it, and then wait for action. The initial application typically does not involve lawyer representation.

You will be notified of the action the Administration has taken on your application. Please understand that only in a rare instance is an initial application approved. You should plan on being denied. It is at THAT point that you contact The APEX Law Firm. We will then take over and steer your case to a successful conclusion. Plan on a process that is time consumptive- often taking a year. You should also plan on your application needing to go before a formal hearing officer called an Administrative Law Judge. With The APEX Law Firm on your side, you can be certain that your case is fully prepared and well-presented, with the only goal to be that of victory for you.

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