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Our simple guide to probation

Probation is a second chance.  It’s an opportunity for you to stay in the community without going to jail, and it’s a time for you to make better choices.  While on probation, you will be assigned to a probation officer and the most important thing during this time is to follow the probation officer’s instructions. Failure to follow the officer’s instructions will likely result in subsequent arrest for violation of probation.

While you are on probation, your life is still the same. You will continue to have people around you that want you to participate in the things that may have gotten you in trouble in the first place and they may be angry if you choose not to. We recommend that during your probation period you try new things: get new hobbies, make new friends, get a part-time job if you don’t have one. Anything that can bring you a fresh mindset will lead to betterment. Surround yourself with people that care about you and will participate in healthy activities with you. Remember – if you think of your probation period as an opportunity for a second chance, instead of punishment, you will feel better about yourself and succeed.

Our second recommendation is to participate in all treatment programs required by the conditions of your probation and any other programs available to you that would inevitably help you make better choices.  These programs are designed for a reason; they allow people to talk about their problems and invite solutions from others. This is often a difficult thing to do, however, getting treatment will lead to long term personal growth and your probation officer will see that you are taking steps in the right direction and give you a positive evaluation.

By following these suggested guidelines, you should find that your probation period will be over quickly and it will also have been an excellent learning experience. Should you have any questions about your probation or anything else related to this post, feel free to call The APEX Law Firm at (860) 900-0900.