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Protect Yourself From Defendants With Little to No Insurance or Assets

Just because you have a good case against someone doesn’t mean it is going to be smooth sailing and no heavy lifting. Litigations can be a lot of work and stress for all parties involved not just the person being sued. This is especially true if the defendant may not have the assets or insurance to cover the fees being asked of them. 

If you are in an automobile accident and the defendant does not have the cash to resolve the litigation, it will likely be pulled from his/her insurance policy. But what if the defendant doesn’t have insurance or has too little? This is an important question to ask yourself or your attorney if it is really worth the headache of suing this person for little to no reward.

UIM Coverage

For instances that are automobile related, most states require insurance companies to have something called uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage (UIM coverage). This means that if the defendant does not have the assets or insurance to cover the damages or medical fees, the plaintiff’s insurance company will cover it. One very important way to protect yourself is to have enough coverage for yourself in case the defendant does not have enough, or worse, none at all. 

“No Fault” Laws

Similarly, “No Fault” laws will pay the plaintiff’s expenses in an accident regardless if the defendant has the assets or insurance to do so. Only some states have “No Fault” laws in place and unfortunately Connecticut is not a no-fault state, therefore, any damages caused in an accident must be paid by the defendant’s insurance or the plaintiff’s UIM coverage. 

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