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Technology helps veterans with PTSD return to normal lives

Technology turns to be a “Good Samaritan” for those war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). Hi- tech therapies are being prescribed to treat patient with such disorders which can be categorized under PTSD.

As US military developments develop across the globe, Servicepeople taking part in ongoing conflicts commonly return with various symptoms of traumatic stress disorder. Some of these symptoms include tell-tale signs like anxiety, a tendency to dither between high energy and alertness, being emotionally impalpable, and a detachment with the present world. Researchers have come up with the idea of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) – or the use of greater than atmospheric pressure oxygen in an enclosed chamber for such treatment. Proponents of this technology state that HBOT, which was used certain cases to heal manifested scars on skins, can also expedite recovery from invisible ailments like traumatic brain injury or TBI-which can also be a root cause of PTSD. Volunteers who were chosen from those combat troops who went through certain extreme situations including near to death incidents, were a part of the research. Those that used HBOT said that the pumping of 100% oxygen gave them a feel good experience and helped them to recover.

Another different and unorthodox therapy which is being introduced to treat PTSD is Virtual Realty. This new technique used in research centers is producing promising results. Here, a patient is asked to verbally recreate their traumatic experiences over and over again so that they eventually become desensitized to them. The traumatic memories are recreated using advanced graphics and audio visuals. The visuals depict the actual complete story, taking into consideration all of the details of the incident. The soldier is asked to see the visual through a device fitted on his head and the digital hitch sound system creates almost the same noise and pandemonium to portray a real life experience.

Although a complete cure for PTSD might not be possible at this present juncture, what is heartening is that doctors, scientists, and military experts are collaborating to explore ways to find a solution to this once ignored, yet ubiquitous and devastating problem in the military community.