Using Expert Witness Testimony in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If your personal injury lawsuit progresses to trial, you’ll need to have the best possible evidence on your side to bolster your claim for damages. Rather than relying only on the flawed memories of those who were involved in an accident, judges and juries are often more convinced by hearing an expert’s opinion about the facts. Expert witnesses have specialized knowledge in certain relevant fields related to accidents; for example, causation of the plaintiff’s injuries.  They can use that specialized knowledge when examining the evidence to offer an informed opinion of what happened and who was responsible. Other types of expert witnesses can opine about the costs the victim has or will incur from the accident. Here are some types of expert witnesses commonly used in Connecticut auto accidents and other personal injury matters:

  1. Economic Assessment Consultants: Accidents resulting in serious injuries may require the victim to take time off work, hire in-home medical assistance, undergo extended rehabilitation, or even switch career paths to something less demanding than their job before the accident. An economic expert can explain to a jury what sorts of costs the victim can anticipate paying for their medical and rehabilitative care over their lifetime, as well as the value of the victim’s lost earning capacity over their lifetime.
  1. Reconstruction Expert: While testimony from those involved in an accident is valuable to a jury, even more valuable is being able to see the accident for themselves. Accident reconstruction experts can use photos from the scene of an accident, as well as physical evidence from the vehicles involved, to calculate how fast cars were going, and what the drivers appear to have done immediately before the crash, to create a computer model of the accident itself. This enables jurors and judges to clearly identify responsible parties for themselves.
  2. Medical and Rehabilitation Expert: A medical expert can offer an interpretation of technical medical records to the judge and jury, explaining how the victim’s injuries could have stemmed from the accident, the victim’s prognosis for recovery, and the sort of pain and suffering those injuries likely caused the victim. Experts in rehabilitation can explain the length of time and the sort of work involved for a victim who will need to undergo physical therapy to recover fully.
  1. Life Care Planner – An expert that creates life care plans for catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries. Most common conditions requiring non-catastrophic plans are amputations, burns, back injuries and extremities injuries.  Catastrophic life care plans are for people who have suffered permanent physical and/or mental impairment and who have lost significant capacity to perform some or all of the basic functions of daily living.
  1. Vocational Experts – These highly experienced vocational specialists assist in determining an injured individual’s loss of earnings and earning capacity.  They base their opinions on standardized vocational assessment processes – not on the injured individual’s medical records.

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