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What is Probate?

Probate is an area of the law that affects you more personally than you may think.  Below are some of the areas for which the Connecticut Probate Court is responsible.

Probating wills and administering estates

  • Upon the death of a testator (the person who has made a will), anyone with knowledge of that will must present the document to the Connecticut Probate Court within 30 days and the Probate Court will oversee disposition of the testator’s estate.

Overseeing testamentary and living trusts

  • Trusts can be created within a will or as an independent document and the Connecticut Probate Court is ultimately responsible for finding such documents valid and legal.

Determining title to real and personal property

  • The Connecticut Probate Court has the final word in determining title to property when such property is transferred by either a will or a trust.

Interpreting wills and trusts

  • The Connecticut Probate Court determines the intent of the testator and approves the executor’s work.

Appointing guardians and conservators

  • A guardian or conservator may be appointed by the Connecticut Probate Court for a minor or an adult who lacks the capacity to act for her/himself.

Commission of the infirm to appropriate facilities

The Connecticut Probate Court can order removal and relocation of an infirm person, if it is in that person’s best interests.

Removing unfit parents as guardians of their children

  • The Connecticut Probate Court, along with the Connecticut Family Court, has the power to rule on family relationships. The Connecticut Family Court, of course, is mostly known for divorce, while the Connecticut Probate Court can decide other family relationships.

Terminating parental rights of parents who can no longer fulfill their responsibilities

  • Severing a legal family relationship between a parent and a child is within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Connecticut Probate Court.

Granting adoptions

  • Creating a legal family relationship between a parent and a child is also within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Connecticut Probate Court.

Granting name changes

  • If you don’t like the name you were born with, you can always make a change but you will have to do it with the blessing of the Connecticut Probate Court.

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