Social Security Disability Attorney

Why you need a Social Security Disability Attorney

Serious injuries, incapacitating diseases, and unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from working.  These situations are devastating, and for some, this means receiving social disability payments while disabled, and for many, the remainder of their lives.  The process can take considerable time to resolve.  More often than not, a disability claim will take at least a year and in most cases, a hearing is necessary before payments begin.  A social security disability attorney is a wise and important decision.

You do not legally need representation for a disability claim, and in fact many choose to represent themselves, but an attorney will increase your chance of streamlining the claim.  Most people consider consulting with a social security attorney after their disability claim has been denied.  This can often be a mistake if incorrect information has already been presented. It could potentially make the process much more difficult than if an attorney was hired in the beginning.

Here are some important factors to consider when submitting a claim:

    • Medical records – Your medical records are important, and unless every piece is in place, you can be denied.  An attorney will make sure the pertinent records are in place and organized.
    • Physician forms – Social Security Disability lawyers have special forms for physicians.  These are often lengthy and detailed, but necessary to work in your favor.
    • Testimony – You will be examined during your claim hearing.  An attorney can assist you in understanding what questions to expect and how to best respond to ensure your claim has the best chance of being accepted.
  • Independent Medical Exam – Your claim will be approved unless you are examined by an expert chosen by the state.  It is this expert’s job to find reasons to deny your disability claim.  An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you understand the process and walk you through the steps to success.

Social Security Disability claims and payments can be very tedious and difficult.  Call our experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys in New Britain now and improve the chance of success on the first try.